Suggestive Points for an Attractive Emailís Subject Line

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Published: 18th January 2011
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Whenever we get any email in our inbox which is the first thing that we notice? It is the subject lines of the emails that give us the idea about what the email must be having in it.

Out of all the emails that you receive in your inbox, you might not read every one of them, and read some of them on preference basis. While some might be directly sent to the trash can without even opening them.

The emails that catch your attention and pursue you to open it and read it are the ones with an interesting subject line where you want to click and read it to know what does the email contains. The subject line of an email plays vital part in deciding its success or failure of its email marketing campaign.

The inside mail message might be very useful and written in nice manner, but is of no use if the reader does not opens it and read it. People usually receive many emails regularly out of which they select which ones would be ideal to read and rest others are deleted. Thus in order to capture the interest of the reader the subject line should be short, descriptive yet catchy.

There are certain things that can be done in order to write a compelling and alluring email subject lines that have higher chances of getting clicked and read.

- First thing to be followed is limiting the subject to few words that are precise and to the point. In maximum number of internet browsers 50 characters is the limit for writing a subject line. So avoid writing it longer than this, as it would be of no avail. So while writing a subject line keeps it very descriptive this gives an idea about what the email is containing.

- Ideally speaking in email marketing, the reader is just interested in knowing what you have to offer them and its use to them. So while crafting the subject line writes it in such a manner that it clearly states what does your mail has it to offer them. It should be something that is required by the readers, and then only they would read it. Avoid using words like discount or free as these words stands higher chance to ending up in readerí spam folder.

- The emails can be made specialized by addressing the subscribers by name in the subject line.

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